EuroWiFCon 2001


Gamereport 1

Stefan Burkhardt (US), Sven Guenther (CW), Kai Kunze (USSR), Thomas Bisballe (GE), Dan Krøyer (JA), Frederic Cappeln (IT)

We only bid for sides with the Axis for 8 victory hexes at the end of J/A 45.
This GR is from the US-point of view. I was not able to follow the war against Russia very closely.

S/O 1939:

Germany has almost everything it has set up against Poland. They take it out without losses in S/O and begin to march toward Yugoslavia. Italy DoWs France and the CW. They sink a few CW and French CPs as well as the French TRS and begin marching into Tunisia. They also take Kenya. The French/CW suprise impulse sees the French damaging a German Battlecruiser and the AMPH. The CW smiles. Russia DoWs Japan in the second impulse of S/O 39. They advance from the area around Chita while holding a line on the Rail east of Blag up to Vlad. Germany DoWs Denmark, which aligns to Russia giving Russia 6 more CPs and one crappy LS. Japan takes the city east of Si-An loosing an Infdiv while killing an Infdiv and a Cavdiv.

N/D 1939:

Germany attacks Yugoslavia, aligns Hungary and takes out Zagreb. Russia sails the 6 Danish CP into position in the North Sea and sends 8 Oil to France.
USE: The US announces Resources to China.

J/F 1940:

Germany conquers Yugoslavia.
Japan closes the Burma Road to prevent further Lend Lease to China. Germany attacks the Netherlands and takes them out without a loss. However all the ships escape safely into CW harbours.

M/A 1940:

Germany attacks Belgium and takes Antwerpen and Liege in the first impulse. They also paradrop into Brussels. The notional is denied so the para sits in Brussels all by himself. In the following impulse the Weather turns to Storm and France takes Brussels back on a +9 blitz which only retreats the Para. France manages to hold on to Brussels through the end of the turn and generates an extra US Entry chit for allied support. In the Baltic CW AC damage a German Battlecruiser. Italian subs are successful though and drain CW CP reserves as well as putting a small dent in CW production.

M/J 1940:

Germany gets a double move and uses a Land-OC to break through the French lines and advance into France. France looks to be in serious trouble but a few forward hexes slow down the Germans enough to drag out defeat into J/A 40. Germany manages to take Brussels. Russia manages to take the northern Manchurian resource and is still holding on to the rail all the way into Vlad. France sends out 'excess BPs' to Russia via the Russian CPs in the North Sea. German naval misfortune continues as 2 Raiders in the North atlantic get found and sunk by a massive CW Battlefleet for no CW losses. Again Italian subs make up for this and sink 6 more CW CPs.
USE: Gift of Destroyers, Resources to western Allies.

J/A 1940:

This turn sees France fall apart. They declare Paris an open city in their first impulse and loose Metz and Vichy before the end of the turn. The CW sends Gort back to Bordeaux and pulls its other corps out of Calais. In the med advancing Italian troops besiege Alexandria. At the end of the turn Vichy is created. Germany has 12 Vichy chits, Italy has 3 and France has 19 (with those from the ships). Germany buys a L3 Vichy for 5 chits (7 left) and Italy buys the Italian Rump for 3 chits (0 left). France spends 8 chits on Syria and 2 on North Africa, the Germans save all their chits. Syria, North Africa, French Eq. Africa and New Caledonia go Free, Syria becomes the new HC. Germany buys Bilotte, the ARM, MTN, a FTR-3 and the 3-factor AA and the MAR corps for Vichy. Free France buys Georges, Pretalat, a 6 and a 5 factor INF, a 4 pt artillery, a N2 and the LND-4 with 11 extended range as well as the 6-3 sub. More LL to Russia.
USE: Intern Bearn, Occupy Greenland and Iceland.

S/O 1940:

The Axis decide to do something about the Russian LL and have Italy DoW Russia. They send some troops after Gort in Bordeaux but before they can cross the river the CW installs a Mech, the London MIL and an AT-Gun behind it in the Forest. Gort remains in Bordeaux to keep an eye on his bodyguards. Germany tries to ground strike the CW units and searches twice to cut the supply. Good search rolls of the CW lead to air combat in the Bay of Biscay which see Axis planes shot down. This saves the CW troops into the bad weather of winter and stalls further attempts to root them out. Germany also aligns Rumania in order to prevent Russia from demanding the borderlands. Italy goes for a bold blitz attack in Egypt that would have severly threatened Cairo and Suez but a marginal roll on the +9 sees the exchange of their MECH against a CW Terr. After this they give up further attempts at taking out an increasingly well defended Egypt.
USE: CH build Aircraft, East Coast Escorts

N/D 1940:

Germany moves east to set up for a 41 Barbarossa. After the Italian DoW on Russia the LL route is rerouted via Murmansk and is reduced to 4 BP/turn plus the resources from India via the Red Sea. The Front between Russia and Japan stalemates except for the Japanese taking out the railhex north of Vlad.

J/F 1941:

Germany aligns Bulgaria and continues to move stuff east for Barbarossa.
USE: LL to China

M/A 1941:

The first impulse of this turn sees global fine weather. The Axis decides to jump the gun and Germany DoWs Russia. They take out Odessa and Minsk and advance up to the outskirts of Kiev, Pskov and Vitebsk. The aligned Finns are bottled up by a fairly solid Russian northern defense line. Japan takes another rail hex north of Vlad and walks onto the coastal resource hex east of Vlad. Nationalist China launches its first counterattack against the Japanese on a +5 but only manages to kill one Japanese MIL in a MTN hex.
USE: First Embargo against JP, Reopen Burma Road

M/J 1941:

Germany closes on Dnjepropetrovsk and Vitebsk they fail to flip anything in Kiev and Vitebsk but attack nevertheless. They reduce Vitebsk to one defender which gets promoted to a GBA but dies in the follow-up assault. Kiev falls in the first assault. Russia retaliates by taking out an overextended Rumanian stack as well as a Rumanian Cav and a MARDIV on the Crimea creating the first GBAs. Russia also manages to shoot down two or three Axis AC at low odds. In the Med Italy evacuates its troops from eastern Lybia and braces for the attack of the Free French and CW units on Tripoli which they have been preparing. However the Allies only take out a speedbump territorial before the turn ends early. A series of lucky Allied search rolls reduces the Italian CP reserve to two and leaves Sardinia out of supply. Allied strat bombing sees its first successful turn with 6 PP hit in Germany and Italy. Japan takes out Vladivostok which allows the Russians to sue for peace. The Russians loose Vlad and two Ressources.
USE: Fleet to Pearl, Repair western Allied ships.

J/A 1941:

The German/Russian front stalemates except for the fall of Dnjepropetrovsk and Pskov. The CW sails out its CVs into the Bay of Biscay to port strike the Bismarck in La Rochelle. In the following impulse they take a combined, port strike La Rochelle and abort the Bismarck. They then proceed to sail two AMPHs into the Bay of Biscay and invade La Rochelle. The Bismarck is scuttled in port and the last two German cruisers get intercepted and sunk as they leave port. The CW/FF also take out Tripoli and hit the Axis for 6 PP of strat bombing in a campaing that is starting to pick up... Japan aligns French Indo China and Siam. The move troops into position to attack Burma and Singapore.
USE: First Gearup

S/O 1941:

Japan DoWs the CW and conquers Burma. They also take out Rabaul, Batavia and start to besiege Singapore which is held by the Sidney militia and a 3-1 Canadian GAR. They also conquer New Zealand and land in northern Australia. Their supercombined fails to sink CW shipping in a series of disastrous search rolls (only 2 CP sunk). In Russia things remain fairly calm as Germany is forced to send Mannstein himself as well as the dreaded IT Blackshirts to France to root out the CW invasion in La Rochelle. Eventually they manage to kill a CW GAR and drive the other troops back behind the river at Bordeaux. The Axis begins to designate more fighters to guard their factories which severly slows down Allied strategic bombing.
USE: LL to western Allies, Second Embargo against JP

N/D 1941:

Japan continues to pound Singapore with bombers but fails to flip anything. In a repeat attempt the Nationalist Chinese attack the same mountain hex held by two Japanese corps again and storm it with a roll of 14 on a +5 assault.
USE: North Atlantic Escorts, US Reinforces the Phillipines.

J/F 1942:

Japan finally takes out Singapore. However they are very short on land units and are unable to send troops to Kwajalein this turn. Truk is defended by the 8-3 WP INF and an AT-Gun. Russia complains about the lack of Snow and sits still.
USE: 2nd Gearup

M/A 1942:

After the massive increase in US Entry since the Japanese DoW on the CW things startet to get hot in the pacific. The Allies got initiative in M/A even after a reroll which saw the Japanese player sweating profusely as it was followed up by a weather roll of 9 (global fine) and Kwajalein was empty and the JP convoy chains were lightly guarded with 4 Subs waiting in Manila and 4 more in Pearl. Alas my roll to DoW the Japanese was a 9 (i needed at 7 or less) so Japan was spared a nasty surprise impulse. In the following impulse Japan reacts by DoWing the US but only manages to kill 2 US CPs since it was not in position for any invasions or other serious threats to US units. Since i was able to reset my gearing limits i decided to build all US CVPs up to the 9 factor 7 range one from 1945 this turn. It hurt my other gearing limits a bit but i decided it was worth it. The CW and FF land on the clear hex in northern Sardinia.

M/J 1942:

The Soviets tear up the Dneipr line rolling well on a low odds blitz and breaking through just north of Kiev. Then they do a number of good follow up attacks as the axis scrambles to keep a defense in place. Turn ends on an allied impulse with the two guard banner ARM having broken out of supply range from the HQs! Elsewhere the CW/FF troops get a little help from some US F2s and the odd LND-3 and take out Cagliari on Sardinia. The Axis reinforce Olbia with a German WP INF. Italy panics a bit and starts to build up a massive homeland defence force including the Blackshirts that settle down in Sicily to cooperate with the local Mafia. More 4+ range fighters go to Italy to supplement the group of NAVs and keep control over the Italian Coast. In the Pacific the US uses its chance to seize empty Kwajalein. They fly out LBA into the Seazone between Hawaii and Kwajalein to protect their invasion fleet there. Japan sails out under the cover of two Zeroes to punish the invaders at +2 air combat value. Of course the US gets lucky and shoots down the only 7 range CVP the Japanese have on the map as well as another CVP and aborts another bomber. In the end the US looses 3 FTR-2 but the US AMPH in the seazone only gets damaged. The Japanese loose 2 CVP and one Pilot and get a CV damaged. The japanese invasion in northern Australia consisting of an INFDIV walks onto the northern resource but promptly faces a 4 factor partisan that sets up in the port that was meant to ship out the res.

J/A 1942:

Axis win initiative after reroll. Had they lost that re-roll it could very easily have become very, very ugly indeed on the Russian front. After seeing the ARMs are in fact out of supply the Axis decides to use their OChit for unflipping HQs to save the situation. Of course, they miss their groundstrikes: Italian stuka downed on -2, a '3' and '5' miss one ARM, a '5' and a '6' miss the other (or something very similar, anyway), Germany attacks and kills the ARMs anyway (not a lot of choice there, really) and uses HQ support (Manstein, Guderian) to make the attacks very high odds (still had they rolled '2' or something I am quite convinced many, many germans would eventually have been killed or pocketed). But they dont and an orderly retreat toward Rumania can proceed after reflipping the german HQs with the O-chit in the next Axis impulse. A 9-4 INF is left in Kiev as a speed bump. In the end it was not so bad for the Axis as the holes in the lines were mostly created with */B results and such and not really killing a lot of corps. However Russia still manages to retake Kiev and hold on to it subsequently. Due to the massive Axis presence in Italy the med remains quiet. The western Allies are too weak to invade Italy or anywhere in well defended France. The US lands next to Truk and sets up a hasty invasion (+10) that barely fails (roll 9) exchanging a WP MIL and the AT-Gun for the 5-1 Australian GAR and the 7-3 Australian INF. A nationalist attack close to Shanghai sees the Nationalist loose two units which results in 2 lone Artillery units in a hex with two flipped fighters. The Japanese say 'thank you' and kill 16 BPs worth of Chinese units in the counterattack.

S/O 1942:

Europe remains fairly quiet. Germany comntinues its withdrawal out of Russia and the western Allies take out Olbia to complete their conquest of Sardinia. The US take back an empty Rabaul (the Japanese had to reinforce Truk and gave that a higher priority). The Nationalist Chinese go on a rampage and take out Hanoi as well as Canton (two assaults in the +5 range against one Defender each). The Commies start to move forward in their section of the front and retake the city east of Si-An. Japan taks heavy ground unit losses and is starting to be in major trouble. Of course their incredible 'luck' with partisans adds to this as a 1-2 partisan appears on an NEI oil well and burns it up.

N/D 1942:

The US sets up for a second assault on Truk and takes it (+11 roll 9) loosing the same Australians again ;) They also take the triple minor port in the NEI that connects the South China Sea with the Seazone next to Truk and the one next to Australia. A Group of CW units including Mountbatten liberates Burma. Japan falls back in China and leaves Shanghai to the Nationalist and the center to the Commies. They set up a short defensive line around Peking. Russia follows the Germans to the Polish border and slowly advances into the Baltic states.

J/F 1943:

A fairly quiet turn with minor Russian advances in the north. Vilna falls. Germany completes its withdrawal out of Russia. The US continue their advance in the Pacific and begins to setup to take back Batavia and/or Singapore. The CW conquers Siam. The Euroaxis is getting some time to breathe and strengthens its defenses against possible invasions.
M/A 43:
In the pacific bad weather sees activity reduced to minor sub skirmishes in the South China Sea that sink a few Japanese CPs. A CW ENGDIV uses a rainy impulse to land on the second NEI Oil field. Japan is starting to have massive Oil problems with their synths only arriving now and missing 2 NEI Oil that are frequently not available at the end of the turn. In Europe the US/CW forces Paradrop on Rotterdam. Swift Axis reaction including v. Rundstedt and massive reinforcements leads to an evacuation in the following impulse. Things are looking bleak for an Allied invasion in France or Italy.

M/J 1943:

After massive ground strikes in northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands on the units that had reacted there in the last impulse and under air superiority from newly arrived CW and US FTRs, the Allies DoW Vichy in their third impulse. An Invasion from the Med combined with a paradrop south of Lyon and an advance from the Bordeaux pocket quickly establishes a large space for setting up Allied reinforcments. At the end of M/J the frontline runs from Bordeaux through the Massif Central (the mountain hexes) over to the Rhone with the Allies holding Marseille. More and more axis reinforcements head west allowing the Russians to push into Rumania.

J/A 1943:

In Europe the Axis falls back behind the Loire opening up some coastal hexes around La Rochelle to the Allies. The US begins to flood the area with LND-3s and FTRs. The Allies also manage to take Nantes in an attack across the Loire combined with an invasion. The heroic Paras close to Lyon die in an Axis counterattack. A US propaganda division tries to convince some Vichy troops to join the light but fails (i attacked an ARM and a HQ-I with a 20 % chance each of converting to FF :). An early bout of good weather in the North Monsoon allows the US to take out Batavia loosing a MOTDIV and the Australian 5-1 GAR (arent they heroes? ;). The CW troops that took out Sian begin to close on Singapore. The US also lands in the Phillipines and begins to prepare a campaign to retake Manila via land. The Commies advance in northern China and take Peking and the sw-most mountain hex in Mandchuria. At the end of the turn Japan has no hexes left in the Chinese HC except for an isolated MTN hex with a 4-1 WP GAR nw of Peking. By now the US CV fleet has all the UFOs on the CVs (9-7, 8-7, 4 7 factor and 3 3 tac value CVPS) and dominates the Pacific. Russia continues to push back the Germans into the Carpatian mountains and is only one hex away from the Rumanian Oil now. In the north they reach the border of the German enclave around Koenigsberg.

S/O 1943:

Extrordinarily good weather sees the allies advance in Normandy and take out Brest. The Germany airforce manages to slow down Russia with 'defensive' ground strikes. In the Pacific the CW continues to set up for an attack on Singapore.

N/D 1943:

Another fine impulse sees further Allied advances in France. Germany has two HQ-s spiralled and starts to run for the Seine. The CW manages to take Lyon in a sneaky double move. The Russian front stalemates in Rain. In the Pacific the CW/US combine their forces and retake Singapore. Japan takes heavy CP and TRS losses against US Subs under Chinese aircover. The 6 factor chinese FTR shoots down a Zero and two Japanese NAVs at +/- 0.

J/F 1943:

A first US Assault on Manila sees a 2/2 results with the Japanese barely holding on to the city. The western Allies pursue Axis troops and prepare to move up to the Seine.

We stopped the game here. After teasing Frederik (the Italian player) to roll for his planned invasion of Gibraltar he did and rolled an 18 which was enought to take it. So they could have aligned Spain.... That would have made things more interesting....

Gamereport 2

Lars Malmevik, Julien Saloup, Morten Rasmussen, Richard Stubevoll, Johan Sahlin

Setup: Russia puts a lot of units at the finnish border. China is defensive. Italy puts almost all free units at the French-Italian border. Gort is ready for duty in France. Japan puts a lot of units in northern China. Germany puts an equal amount of units against France and Poland.

S/O 39:

Mao is forced to retreat after being bombed. Germany advances on Warsaw after winning some minor battles. After the traditional Dow from France and CW is done, Russia demands the Finnish borderlands, which is granted to him. The French fleet cleanse the Baltic sea of German convoys. A German fighter was shoot down over North sea. Germany takes Lodz. Mao continues his retreat into the Chinese mountains. Germanys offensive is stopped just outside Warsaw. Then bad weather sets in.

N/D 39:

Massive attacks in China results in nothing. Germany conquers Warsaw. Fine weather sets in and Germany Dows Belgium and Denmark and pulls of a successful invasion of Antwerp. But Germany forgets to send the order to his troop on the Danish border to advance. The British counterattack and liberates Antwerp. But they or the French can't stop the Germans from entering Brussels. Germany conquers Denmark except Fredrikshavn.

J/F 40:

The French continue to raid the Baltic.

M/A 40:

Si-An falls. Italy Dows France, and attacks into France. Wavell is sent into Marseille. It's a long spring turn and the Germans advance into northern France occupying Lille. Japan and USSR agrees on a pact giving Japan 2 resources, transported through Vladivostok, in exchange of 1 buildpoint until the beginning of 1942. Chinese Nationalist counterattack with disastrous result. Exchanging 3 units against 1 militia.

M/J 40:

The slaughter continues in China. Two major Japanese assaults results in only on hex gained. The Nationalists counterattack at two places killing Umezo in one attack and two other units in the other. He retakes Si-An but loses a lot of troops. Again, Si-An is taken by Japanese forces and Chiang himself is killed in the impulse after. In Europe the Axis keep gaining ground and threatens Paris. Russia claims the Bessarabia. Germany agrees, but denies the claims from Bulgaria and Hungary. Germany Dows Bulgaria and aligns Rumania. The Rumanians attack Sofia and takes it in a very bloody battle. Italy conquers Tunisia and Japan enters Teng-Chu.

J/A 40:

Germany attacks and takes Paris. During the turn Germany kills of a lot of French units. Late in the turn CW declares war on Italy and invades Sardinia. Half of France is now German controlled.

S/O 40:

Germany continues to march southwards in France. In an empty Italy troops are being railed in. Wavell survives the first combined attack on him next to the Spanish border. But he is face down, out of supply and waiting for the winter.

N/D 40:

Wavell is killed in the second attack. France now controls Toulouse, Lyon, Vichy, and Bordeaux. CW conquers Libya. Balbo, supply unit, Anit-Air and 2 Italian infantry is left on the Egyptian border.

J/F 41:

There is a lot of action in west med.

M/A 41:

Russia declares war on Hungary. Japan takes Chung-King.

M/J 41:

Russia takes 4 hexes in Hungary. Toulouse falls to German attack. All of the Russian Army is in Hungary or Eastern Poland. Germany starts railing units into Romania and Poland.

J/A 41:

Germany still rails units. Their remaining HQ, as well, from France except von Leeb. Then Germany uses one offensive chit to flip up all his HQ and then he declares war on Russia. Italy does this as well. Russian HQs are struck down. Russia reorganise his HQ with his Offensive Chit, and tries to reopen his supply lines. All other allies pass giving a one to end the turn. But it doesn't. 85 build points are pocketed or lost in attempts to free the Russians. Finally France surrenders.

S/O 41:

Japan sails the IJN covering sea zones from the US west coast to Arabian Sea along the CW convoy lines. Now they only wait for good weather. It storms the rest of the turn. CW invades in Toulon in southern France.

N/D 41:

Again the IJN sails covering CW convoy points over half the world. Second impulse Japan declare war on CW. But the CW is warned. It loses 3 convoy points in a portstrike on Aden. Nothing at sea. Germany helps Rumania reconquer Bessarabia. One CW division enters Italy. IJA conquers Singapore. US gear up.

J/F 42:

Japan sails IJN again. This time "protecting" US convoy lines. US retracts some convoys. Germany piles up troops around the Netherlands and Greece. Weather stays bad. US takes war appropriation bill.

M/A 42:

Japan and Germany declares war on the Netherlands and Japan does a super combined. Both NEI units are set up in Batavia. Japan invades near or at the oil wells in NEI. US try to declare war against Japan but fails. Japan protects US convoy lines and declares war on France. A CW marine enters Corsica threatening Italy.

M/J 42:

CW advances on Rome and aligns Yugoslavia. In the following German troops are sent to screen the Balkan theatre. US tries again to declare war on Japan but fails. Japan declares war on US. No fun, all storm. Germany attacks Kiev a second and third time but fails. Germany and Italy declares war on US to avoid surprise.

J/A 42:

Graziani leads the attack on Gort in Nice and sends condolences to the widows in England. Japan Dows Russia and takes Vladivostok and a resource. Fighting continues in Italy and the British expands their beachhead north of Rome but is beaten back to only two hexes. US marine invades Messina. Finally Germany takes Kiev and the turn ends. US sends a massive TRS fleet to the Med, and some long range FTRīs, too.

S/O 42:

Yugoslavians take Pola (or was this earlier??). CW and US invades near Ancona, opening up the fourth bridgehead in Italy. Germany weakens his french coastal defense to react into Italy. Especially a lot of FTR are present to try to set the western allies out of supply. The vigorous naval air battles in the Italian Coast are a draw, but pro allied. The Japanese prepare attacks on Batavia and the Phillipines (in detail i do not know too much about these actions... itīs up to you Lars!). The Free French debark on a PART in Marseilles, reinforced by US troops later. They march inland, into the French Alps.

N/D 42:

CW slides with an MAR into Venice, reinforcing it. Late in the turn Trieste is taken. Italy will surrender at turn end, due to a) Garrison-values, b) factory (Trieste), c) Tripoli. Russian reinforces Odessa behind German lines and tries to expand and bring more troops with air transport.

J/F 43:

(3 impulses played) After having reached (conquered) the line Novgorod, Smolensk, Gomel, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and being thretened in his back (Chisinau retaken) Germany begins a major retreat in the east. CW reinforces Southern France with an ARM. CW starts to send CV's and BB's to the Pacific. Japan is still preparing to attack Batavia.

Gamereport 3

Matthias E. (US), Sebastian Appelhans (USSR), Armin Herbertz (CW), Jens Christian Stoorgar (JA), Thomas Bielinski (GE)

After taking out Poland and Denmark in S/O 39, Germany turns its attention westwards, conquering Belgium in M/A 40 and vichying France two turns later (saving both O-Chits). Italy enters the war in the first turn and immedeately heads towards the Suez. Combined Euro-Axis forces finally take it in S/O 40. A Barbarossa campaign with the main thrust aimed in the northern front starts in M/J 1941 and leads the Germans to the gates of Moscow. Germany continues its offensives every summer and creates a solid line from Moscow to Stalino under their control in 1943. Russian forces are broken in the centre, but the Germans lack sufficient units to exploit the gap, since the western Allies invade in France and Denmark in the summer of 42. While they're repelled in France, the CW continuously haunts and sinks the German convoys in the Baltic. The war in the atlantic turns out to be only a partial success due to significant CW commitment on this theatre. The Japanese concentrate on conquering China from the start on. They push the Chinese back to the mountains around Lan Chow and Kunming, crippling Chinese production with a strat-bombing campaign. After an early US-Entry (total war) in S/O 1941, the Japanese take NEI in early 1942 but are being forced to general defense in the summer. CW forces can hold Malaya and the US sink five Jap carriers (losing one themselves in a kamikaze attack), damaging several others and offensively attack the Japanese fleets and convoys all across the pacific. Japanese convoy lines are broken again and again. Kwajalein and Saipan are taken by US-Marines in 42. In Europe, the Allies start to retake north western Africa (after the collapse of Vichy), take Tripoli and invade in Sardinia in M/J 43. Meanwhile their strat-bombers pound on Axis industrial centres in France, Germany and Italy.

Since the (slow) game was called in J/A 43, judging the outcome is very difficult. Japanese resistance started to wear off, while Italy was about to being invaded. Nonetheless, the Euro-Axis still was very strong and their resistance would stiffen at every beachhead.

Gamereport 4

Josef Gundel (CW, +2), Raymond Aghten (USSR, -2), Michael Semer (US, 0), Stefan Stubenvoll (GE, 0), Kai Schroeder (JA, 0)

1. Schneller Fall Polens: S/O 39
2. Zaeher Frankreichfeldzug (z.B. 3 mal Angriff auf Bruessel, da zweimal "1" gewuerfelt, dann mit OC erfolgreich):
DoW Belgien J/F 40, Belgien aliiert mit Frankreich, conquered in M/J 40; im Sueden jedoch schneller Vormarsch bis an die Rhone (M/J 40) dann weiter bis an den Atlantik (Bordeaux) und Ende 40/Anfang 41 Richtung Nantes und Vichy ("hintenrum", da direkter Stoss auf Paris von Belgien aus immer wieder durch schlechtes Wuerfeln und starke franzoesische Frontlinie scheitert), im M/A 41 endlich Fall Paris und Vichy Erklaerung (mit ca. 13 Vichy Einheiten, darunter 2 HQs; Indochina, Fr. Equat. Afr., Pacific, all other map territories wird Free France mit Belgian Congo als neues home country, der Rest zu Vichy ); im M/J 41 Vernichtung der BEF in Nordfrankreich und Belgien (ca. 3-4 Korps und ein HQ)
3. Italiens Kriegseintritt: It DoW an Fr M/A 40 mit Invasion in Syrien, die aber nicht ausgebaut werden kann, da CW DoW an It M/A 40 und Vernichtung der ital. Truppen in Syrien
4. Japan/USSR: USSR DoW an Jp (J/A 40), Peace im S/O 40 (USSR erhaelt Korea und Mandschurei, Japan erhaelt pro Runde 1 BP, 1 Resource, 1 Oel)
5. Deutschland im Balkan: aliiert Ungarn im J/F 41 (sonst droht Nazi-Soviet Paktbruch wegen niedrigem Garnisonwert), erobert Jugoslawien im J/A 41
6. Deutschland/USSR: USSR kriegt Bessarabien (frueh, etwa Ende 39) und Baltikum (N/D 40); DoW Ge an USSR und Niederlande im M/J 42, Finnische und deutsche Truppen nehmen schwach verteidigtes Leningrad (J/A 41), Litauen befreit (J/A 41), in der Ukraine Vorstoss bis zum Dnjepr (ausser Kiev, 2 maliger Angriff scheitert), Rueckzug hinter den Nemen (N/D 42)
7. Afrika/Mittlerer Osten: USSR erobert Persien (M/J 40); It erobert AE Sudan (M/J 40); CW erobert Libyen im J/F 41 und Ethopia im M/J 41, befreit AE Sudan im J/A 41, erobert Saudi-Arabien im N/D 41 und Yemen im M/J 42
8. USA options (nicht alle aufgefuehrt): Gear up (M/J 41), War appropriation bill (M/A 42), reopens Burma road (J/A 41), option 13 (S/O 41), CW reinforces Pacific (M/A 42)
9. Japan/China: kein grosses Vorankommen in China, Burma Road wird politisch geschlossen (J/A 40)
10. Japan DoW an Niederlande und CW (M/J 42), erobert u.a. Rabaul (trotz CW Truppen dort), Padang, Teluk Betung, Oelfelder in NEI, Port Moresby im Surprise Impulse, im selben Turn Malaya; Japan erobert Batavia und NEI sowie die Philippinen (N/D 42)
11. USA Kriegseintritt im M/J 42 (total war), alliert Brasilien ((J/A 42), erste Traegerschlacht im Pazifik (N/D 42, Vorteile fuer USA), USA erobert Kwajalein (N/D 42)
12. Anderes: CW erobert Portugal (N/D 39, Pt. Guinea neues home country fuer Pt) und Pt. Timor (M/A 41); heftige Kaempfe um Sardinien (ab Sommer 1941) mit grossen allierten Verlusten (u.a. PARA und MAR, LND4)

Der J/F 43 Turn wurde noch angefangen: Allierte Invasion in Daenemark ins Meer getrieben, aber in Griechenland erfolgreich (Italien erhaelt aber 10 zusaetzliche Konvois!)

Fazit: noch keine Entscheidung, aber leichte Vorteile fuer die Allierten. Insbesondere Japan aufgrund der verlustreichen China- und Russlandkriege schon sehr angeschlagen;
Italien mit Truppen und v.a. AC voll, wird nicht schnell zu erobern sein;
Deutschland hat zwar Leningrad, aber sonst zu schwach, um russischen Gegenstoessen ab Sommer 1943 auf lange Sicht zu trotzen (v.a. wenn Balkanfront in Griechenland ausgeweitet wird);
Invasionen in Frankreich drohen z.Z. nicht, da noch keine Invasionsarmee auf der britischen Insel bereitsteht (die einzigen Marines wurden bei Daenemark aufgerieben)

Gamereport 5

Pierre Tissier (RU,FR), Bob Rodriguez(US,CH), Achim T.(CW), Carsten Tomsen(GE), Rune Sporbeck(JA/IT)

Germany sets up a dual assault on France. Poland falls in M/A 1940 and France last into S/O. Germany attacked Paris several times before it eventually fell. France is then Vichyed and the Wermacht turn it attention further south. Bilbao is invested and the Spanish units are soon out flanked by invasions from the Mediterranean. Gibraltar is later under heavy siege, and finally succumbs to repeated attacks. CW suffers from heavy losses as Italian forces overrun Suez. Germany has lost a lot both in men and material and is now showing signs of weakness. An invasion of Irland is preformed in 1942, but heavy commitment from both CW and US throws them back into the sea. The Euro-Axis are now starting to plan a desperate defence.

On the Pacific the Japanese are just about to break the Chinese when the now mighty USSR attacks in winter 1941/42. Japanese and USSR diplomats had over a long period of time kept in contact, but their efforts on reaching an agreement did not go through. The USSR juggernaut crushes the weak Japanese troops easily, and Manchuria falls. Japan sues for peace. China is back on its feat and Japan in now on the defence. Several Chinese attacks are blunted and Japanese forces uses every opportunity to annihilate disrupted units. In the end Japan slowly pulls out of China, and starts building up its defences in the pacific. The INJ manage to sink 3 US CV and several BB/CA's only with the loss of one CA ( we had one last battle for fun, I don't remember the result). CW and Japanese troops were fighting a bitter battle just north of Singapore. Japan was under pressure, but because of the initial victories in the first battles with the US navy and very few losses in men an material were still very strong in late 1943.

USSR declared war on Germany in M/A 1943, although the Germans had put up a massive defensive line, the German forces was slowly pushed back. Rumania fell late 1943 and the USSR would soon breakthrough in the north as well. Gibraltar was taken back and Italy put under pressure. Italian losses also were only marginal so far and they managed to put up a good defence both on the ground and in the air. A big air battle off the coast of Italy sees heavy losses for the allies. The US battleship fleet in the Med. also get a beating. Us troops land in Greece and moves up north without any opposition, but an invasion of Italy ends in utter disaster. Italian armoured formation soon surround them, and later annihilates them.

The game ended in J/F 1944. It would probably end in a marginal allied victory. Germany would fall late 1944 or early 1945, but it is really hard to tell. The Axis chance of squeezing out a draw lay with Japan/Italy. The allies played a solid game and the Axis (Germany) had a hard time from start to end.

Gamereport 6

Germany sets up for Poland & Belgium, finnishes Poland in 39 and crosses the Dyle by N/D 39. Italy DOWs France alone. Japan makes little attacks but mounts an effectrive strat. bombing campaign. Germany attacks into France incl. over the maginot and continues taking out all the cities on the way to spain by the end of 40. Early 41 Italy positions itself in North Africa with bombers in range of Gibraltar but and is DOW by the CW. In the meantime Russia attacks Persia and Irak. Germany conquers France and marches into Spain ignoring Portugal. The first attack upon Gibraltar is a succesful invasion which is retaken on the following impulse by the CW only to be lost later on to the main German armies. Germany spends the rest of 41 mopping up the britisch in North Africa, Malta and Suez and prepares for USSR 42. In M/A 42 a small Ge/Italian expedition gets stuck in Greece and Germany DOWs Russia in order to advance unopposed on to border to the Russian homeland and wait for the onslaught in M/J 42. In the Pacific not much action other than the odd attack on China until Japan DOWs the CW early 42 taking Rabaul and NEI and preparing for Singapore. The game is adjourned at the end of M/A 42 with the US not yet having passed War-Appropiation Bill, Italy having completed 2 amphs and a lot of ships but little airforce, Germany leaving W. France lightly garrisoned and with a huge airforce but no built armor or mech ready for Barbarossa at the russian border, the CW having heavily fortified the UK but with only 1 amph completed and no strategic bombers, Russia with a huge armor force but little aircraft built and Japan and China in even parity close to the 39 border. The game is to be continued in the near future.

Gamereport 7

Wolfram Stein (RU,FR),Morten Rasmussen (US,CH), Bernard Genin (CW), Robert Kronberg (GE), Karsten Nolte (JA/IT)

Deutschland baute alles gegen Polen auf und erobert es im ersten Turn. Im J/F 40 wird Holland der Krieg erklaert und verlustreich erobert. Der CW verstaerkt daraufhin Rotterdam und bleibt dort bis zur Vernichtung im J/A 40. M/A 40 greift der Deutsche Belgien an und bleibt aber aufgrund des schlechten Wetters stecken. Im M/J 40 wirft der Deutsche seinen einzigen OC fuer Frankreich und kaempft sich bis J/A 40 nach Paris durch. Italien tritt M/J 40 in den Krieg ein und erobert Gibraltar im 2:3. Spanien kaempft jetzt auf italienischer Seite, erobert Portugal vom CW zurueck und faellt in Frankreich ein. Frankreich ist am Boden, haelt sich aber bis J/F 41 in Marseille, da der Deutsche eine vollstaendige Eroberung anstrebt. Der Deutsche entscheidet sich fuer ein Barbarossa 42.
Ende 40 bis Mitte 43 werden die Convoyrouten des CW hart bedraengt und teilweise kommen keine Ressourcen in Grossbritannien an. Im S/O 40 werden Suez und der nahe Osten besetzt. Griechenland wird Anfang 41 von der Achse angegriffen sowie erobert und wird danach zur Partisanenhochburg. Die UdSSR erobern kurz vor der Achse Persien und Irak. Im Mittelmeerraum wendet sich die Achse jetzt Aden zu und erobert es Ende 41. Der Weg nach Indien und dem mittleren Osten ist jetzt offen. Der folgende Vormarsch gegen die UdSSR blieb in Persien stecken.
Deutschland erklaert der UdSSR im M/J 42 den Krieg und marschiert schnell in Russland vor, bleibt jedoch auf der Linie Nowgorod, Kalinin, Kursk, Stalino stecken. Trotz des fast immer guten Wetter waren die Zuege kurz, der Deutsche verlor schon im Winter 42/43 die Initiative im Osten und ging zu Stellungskrieg ueber, da die UdSSR ab Mitte 43 die Luftherrschaft hatte.
Die Angloamerikaner landeten Mitte 43 in der Bretagne, wurden aber zurueckgeschlagen. Eine weitere Invasion in Daenemark war erfolgreicher; die Alliierten konnten sich dort bis Spielende festsetzen. Eine Landung der Westmaechte von 10 Corps bei Casablanca wurden abgeschnitten und hatten Versorgungsprobleme.
Seit Kriegsbeginn bombardierte der CW Deutschland und Italien mit maessigem Erfolg (0-5 BP / Turn).

1939 Japan konzentriert sich auf einen Landkrieg in China, kommt aber nur maessig voran. Durch strategische Bombardierung verliert der Chinese ca. 50% seiner Produktion. Si-An haelt bis J/A 40. S/O faellt ein Feld vor Chunkking und der Chinese bricht zusammen. S/O 42 faellt National-China und J/A 43 auch der Kommunist, sodass China erobert wird.
J/F 42 erklaert Japen den USA, CW und NEI den Krieg und landet auf den Philippinen, den einzelnen Oelquellen von NEI, in Burma, Rabaul und Midway. Die UdSSR erklaert Japan daraufhin den Krieg, zieht aber grosse Truppenkontingente aus Sibirien ab um sich auf Barbarossa 42 vorzubereiten.
Japan erobert Burma (J/F 42), die Philippinen (M/A 42), Batavia + 2 Oelquellen (J/A 42) sowie Singapur (J/F 43) und beginnt mit einer Offensive gegen Indien S/O 43. Zu dieser Zeit ist Italien auf Ceylon gelandet, nachdem es Madagaskar erobert hatte. Die USA beschraenken sich auf einen U-Bootkrieg gegen Japan und eroberten Eniwetok und Majuro. Midway wird im S/O 43 von den USA zurueckerobert.
Es kommt zu keiner grossen Seeschlacht.

Das Spiel endete aus Zetgruenden im N/D 43 mit einem Major-Victory fuer die Achse.

Bilder vom EuroWiFCon 2001

Søren Egmose, John Bull, William Thiam, Phil Mansfield

Rüdiger R., Andreas H., Geir Aaslid, Harold Martin-Vignerte

Matthias E., Markus Graf, Thomas Bielinski, Marc Nadler, Sebastian Appelhans

Matthias E., Jens Christian Stoorgar, Sebastian Appelhans, Armin Herbertz

Björn Steinborn, Stefano Andreoni, Christophe Huarte

Sven Guenther, Stefan Burkhardt, Dan Krøyer, Markus Graf, Thomas Bisballe, Kai Kunze

Josef Gundel ,Raymond Aghten

Robert Kronberg, Karsten Nolte, Wolfram Stein

Johan Sahlin, Julien Sauloup, Lars Malmevik

Bob Rodriguez, Pierre Tissier, Rune ,Carsten Thomsen

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