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Report of Table 1: Gamereport
Report of Table 6: Gamereport

Results of the 10th European WiF-Con:

Achim T., (CW&US) in a Classic table.
With the game going well into Saturday evening, the Wallies by the End of summer 44 had taken almost all of Europe and Asia, with only Tokoy missing for an outright immediate Total Victory

Carsten Thomsen (JP) in a Denmark vs Norway Team play Deluxe table.
The troops of the rising sun were very slowly being pushed back. But time would invariable run out on the allies projecting Japan with a victory.

Third Place:
Johan Salin (GE) in a Sweden vs German - American Team play Deluxe table.
The Panzers were still deep in Russia and the Pyrenees line and Italy would still hold the Allies off for a while. Total defeat should not come before J/A 45 giving Ge just enough to sqeak out a victory .

Fairest Player:
Jan Erik Murken, (GE) in a Germany vs Italy Team play Deluxe table.
With the Axis timetable behind schedule, the new strategy became to avoid total defeat by keeping the russian bear from entering the War as long as possible. All troops are therefore scrapped and railed east as garrisons (in turn allowing the Wallies to strategic invade France in 42). As the garrison strategy seems to work, an understandably frustrated russian player counts the garrisons plus force pools and summarizes that he will not be able to enter the war in all of 43, having to wait until 44. In an unique and by far unprecedented move, a fair german player just declares war on russia in 42 so as to allow all players involved a fair amount of Wiffing. This definetely sets the benchmark for future fairest player award.

Luckiest Player:
Markus Scheffer, (US/CW) in a Classic Table.
By early 41 the Axis didin't even bother anymore looking a the US-Entry die rolls. Any and Every US-Entry was rolled for. The result: Gear Up in J/A 40, Oil Embargo J/F 41, War Approp in M/A 41 & DoW on Germany in M/J 41.

Fastest Player:
Gunnar Shei (Russia) in a Norway vs. Denmark Team play Deluxe table.
Gunnar joins a long list of past fast players showing once more, that good *and* fast play is possible.

Stefan Stubenvoll (GE) in a Classic Table.
He was so unlucky this week, that he was even forgotten in the Award-Ceremony :-)

Will fight to the End:
Michael Semer (JP) in a Classic Table.
The only table to still play late into Saturday, Michael and his Axis partner Stefan Stubenvoll duked it out to the last cities (see game description Winner table) keeping the fighting spirit up.

Results of the Trivia:

Trivia King:
Sebastian Appelhans (Sebastian got 7 from 10 questions about the Cons history correct!)

1. First Player to fly in over an ocean to attend:
Harry Rowland in 1998.

2. Played WiF all 10 Cons:
Kai Kunze in 1997-2006.

3. Begged for a charitable donation for his "blind" Commonwealth pilots:
Christophe Huart in 2001. (Here his original footnote from his game report back then: ... "* To be printed soon the long awaited best-seller : The Blind pilots , 2 years without a hit , a story full of sweat , blood and tears.").

4. Strategic bombed the US with Germany:
Richard Dagnall in 2003.

5. Name 2 players to have lost Gibraltar by Sea invasion:
We don't want to get personal here, those who have lost it, will remember it ...

6. Was the frist Con held in Hofgeismar?
No, in 1997 it was held in a boy-scout hall in Immenhausen, about 10 km from Hofgeismar.

7. How often did Harry Rowland attend?
5 Times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004).

8. Name the player who builds a fortification in any and *every* russian hex?
Bob Rodriguez . Most everybody got that trivia question right :).

9. Name the "Boouuuunce" player:
Paul Drake in 2000 kept the bounce combat spirit up (and loud).

10. Played all WiF versions at the Con:
Rüdiger R. (WiFDeluxe 1997, America in Flames 1998, Patton in Flames 2000, Classic 2005, Master Edition 2006).

Some additional notes:

For our 10th anniversary, following Honorable Mentions Trophys were awarded:

Bob Rodriguez:
First player to attend all WiFCons: US-East Coast, EuroWiFCon and US-West Coast. This trophy does carry a large burden on Bobs shoulders: As soon as there is a long-week Con in Australia (or anywhere) Bob must attend !

Rüdiger R.:
Most Wif-versions played at the EuroWiFCons (Deluxe, Classic, America in Flames, Patton in Flames and this year Master-Edition). Whats missing? BlitzWiF in 2007!

Kai Kunze:
Only player to have played WiF in all 10 EuroWifCons (the 2 other to attended all 10 conventions, namely Rüdiger and myself; also played other WiF versions). Kai almost missed out this year, but I guess he now must make it to the next anniversary in 2016 ...

Pictures EuroWiFCon 2006

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