EuroWiFCon 2011


Pictures from EuroWiFCon 2011

Raymond, Marcello, Dominic

Gernot, Jose-Ignacio, Raymond

Holger, Markus Sch., Markus G., Friedrich, Thomas B.

Henrik, Markus Sch.

Thomas F., Stefan, Holger

Markus G., Achim, Friedrich, Michael K., Josef, Björn, Christophe

Raymond, Jose-Ignacio, Marcello, Klaus

Thomas B., Carsten, Gernot, Boris, Michael S., Friedrich, Thorsten

Background left: Tobias, Holger, Thomas F.
Foreground: Björn, Josef, Michael K.
Background right: Christophe, Thomas B., Markus Sch., Gernot

Stefan, Holger, Harold, Thomas F.

Table 2: Germany took Gibraltar and aligned Spain

Stefan, Harold, Tobias, Carsten, Thomas F.

Thomas B., Markus G., Henrik

Background left: Holger, Stefan, Tobias, Thomas F., Carsten
Foreground: Björn, Josef, Michael K., Christophe
Background right: Henrik, Markus G. Gernot

Background: Thomas B., Markus G.
Foreground: Gernot, Boris, Thorsten

CCC: Ulver, Rüdiger, Marc

Thomas F., Josef, Michael K, Björn, Harold

Background: Marcello, Klaus, Dirc
Foreground: Christophe, Harold

Marcello, Klaus

Thomas B., Markus G., Carsten, Markus Sch.

Christophe - Leader of US Army, liberator of Paris M/J 43, conqueror of Berlin J/A 43, conquerer of Tokio S/O 43

Christophe, Björn, Andreas

All Players 1

All Players 2

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