EuroWiFCon 2011






Gamereport Table 1

Michael (GE), Josef (JA/IT)
Christophe (USA/CHN), Björn (CW), Andreas (USSR/FR)

We used RAW 8 with usual options including Oil, Offensive points. Each side has to play a minimum of two impulses a turn. We didn't play with FiF, Cruisers in Flames, CoiF and intelligence. For oil saving we used a limit of 9/10 to save on the pilot track. Disbanding was not allowed to France/Vichy France. The African-Map and the America-Mini-Map was in use but not the Scandinavian-Map. We agreed on nations just by mail and there was no special agreement concerning game end.

Russia put only one unit into Vladivostok and Blagovyeshchensk. Khabarovsk is empty. Japan setup against Russia, with a CAV in the north to block the railline. Against China, Canton is defended and the northern forces are setup against the Chinese sommunists.
Germany did a France first setup with some divisions against Denmark or ready for an invasion in the North Sea and a small group at the polish border. Italy setup against France and breaks down her MTN.

September/October 1939

Weather: 1, 3, 5, 8

Germany starts with a DOW on Poland (+1 USE), attacks with small forces Warsaw from two sides and takes it.
CW and France DOW Germany (-1 USE). In their next impulse, Germany and Italy DOW Denmark (no USE) and Belgium (+1 USE). Denmark is done very fast. The two Belgium corps defend the forest hex north of Metz while the CAV defend Liege. Germany use the RAW 8 offensive points and sail out one AMPH and a SCS (Hipper) with a Corps and a DIV while doing a land move. The CW-Homefleet in the 4-Box is still sleeping and couldn't find the two German ships. The two units invade Antwerp and with support from the land side they take it. Liege is taken without problems.
Meanwhile Italy DOW France (+1 USE) and invade Oran. The Italian home forces attack also the northern hex in the Alps with a cunning +7 - a 11 is rolled and the hex is Italian.
The CW trie to find the AMPH and the Hipper – finally they manage to find the ships. In a naval air battle a German NAV is shot down, the Hipper is damaged and the AMPH is aborted. CW land units support France and cover 2 Hexes north of Lille. Brussels is defended by the Brussels-MIL.
Germany attacks Brussels with a +12 and the "14" is enough to take the city. The forest hex north of Metz and Metz are attacked with suppport of offensive points on Rundstedt. The hexes are German without losses. Italy is creeping through South-France and conquering Tunesia and French Somaliland. In Poland Katowice is attacked with a +14, the "10" destroys the defending CAV.
Russia take the pact areas (-1 USE). Lille is defended by the Maroccian territorial and Lord Gort move south of Lille to be a blitz-blocker.

In China, Japan take one mountain hex east of Lan-Chow (roll "17"). On the other hand, Wuhan and Hang Chow are not defended - China simply move into the citys. Japan setup heavily against Russia and declare war on it immediately (+1 USE). Japanese units move into Khabarovsk and Vladivostock (+11) and Blagovyeshchensk (+7) are attacked and both defenders are destroyed. Japan move into Blagovyeshchensk but didn't take Vladivostock - this time. Russian subs find the four CPs in the China Sea and destroy them. Vladivostock is called a fortress and two reserves - one INF and one MIL - defend the hero-city. Japan attack it with a +13, roll an "8", destroy the defenders and one Japanese-AT and takes the city this time.
Finally the weather in the fourth impulse is getting bad, that slow down the Axis. The Allies are able to perform a global-pass. The turn end.
Italian subs did a search and seizure and intercept the Indochina resource for France - but the price is high (+1 USE)!

Resources to Western Allies (+1 Tension) and Resources to China.

Pictures September/October 1939

Setup Europe: Germany and Italy going for a France first

Setup Pacific: Japan setup strong against Russia, doesn't defend all Chinese citys

German DOW on Belgium. Italy attacks a hex in the Alps - defended by a single 3-3 INF Corps

Belgium doomed, Italy crosses the Alps

Defense of France after Axis conquest of Brussels and Metz. Poland is about to take Berlin!

Germany takes Warsaw with a small troup commitment

November/December 1939

Weather: 9, 11

A Polish infantry is heading west - the unit is stopped at the outskirts of Berlin. Three German corps block the unit but they can't destroy the brave INF. There is only one German attack in France. The German bomber is shot down by the French air force and the rolled "4" with a +9 attack destroys a German MTN+GAR and a French GAR.

Commonwealth and France lend-lease 2 Res and 1 Oil to China. The Russian subs sink out of supply and without a possibility to return to base.
The Axis end the turn in there second impulse with a "1".

Resources to Russia and China build AC.

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January/February 1940

Weather: 5, 7, 5

CW -> RU = 1 Oil; FR -> CHN = 1 RES; CW -> CHN = 1 Oil, 1 RES; USA -> CW = 2 Oil; USA -> FR = 1 Oil

In Poland Germany attack Lodz and take it easy - Poland is completely conquered.
With some offensive-points on von Leeb, Germany crush the French defence near Lille.

Russia establish a defensive-line east of chita and start strategic bombardment against Mukden - without any result.
The allies end the turn on a "2".

March/April 1940

Weather: 7, 5

The allies win the initiative despite an axis reroll.
France establish a strong defence - or something like this - and a british strategic bombardment on Essen destroy two German production-points.
Germany try to attack a French hex - but a Me 110 and a bomber are shot down by the brave French airforce and Germany cancel the attack. Only the heroic Italian army is heading straight toward Paris. The Bordeaux-Militia is destroyed and the Italian forces are only two hexes away from the Louvre. Italy enter Algeria.
The axis end the turn and the initiative-track is on "0"!

Embargo on strategic materials.

Pictures March/April 1940

Germany and Italy crush the French defence.

Italy invade Oran and moves towards Algiers.

May/June 1940

Weather: 2, 6, 5, 2

CW -> RU = 1 Res; FR -> CHN = 1 RES; CW -> CHN = 1 Oil, 1 RES; USA -> CW = 3 Oil

The axis wins the initiative with a reroll.
Germany take two hexes at Paris and destroy several French corps. Finally Germany attack Paris - supported by a para - with a +16. The roll is - of course - snake-eyes! Germany and France lose one corps - the para for Germany and Paris is still free. Italy attack and destroy the French HQ Georges.
France reinforce Paris with an arm and and an anti-tank-gun and it starts to fortify important hexes: The MTN and a DIV is moved to Algier, Lyon and Toulouse are double-stacked. France also move his fleet into the Western Med and try to find the Italian fleet there. Both find with a "1" - the San Giorgio, the Primaguet and the Colbert are destroyd at the end. A French port attack against Genua only abort one TRS. A global allied pass fail.
The axis want Paris now, thus the city is attacked with everything that is able to attack, supported with offensive-points on von Leeb. The odd is +17 and the 15 is far enough to enter the city without a single loss.
What will happen now? Germany has build plenty of staff to attack the rock - including the 5-2 ART, but the mountain citys in france, Algier and Marocco are well defended.
The allies end the turn with a global pass.
Germany decide to establish a vichy government (+1 USE).
The rolls for the vichy territorials are very strange - Beside French Equatorial Africa and the all asia/ all other minors, Marocco and Algeria are also Free France! Marocco is the new homecountry of Free France.

Pictures May/June 1940

France after the vichy-installation. CW units still defend Bayonne.

Algeria and Marocco after the vichy-installation. Algiers and Marocco is well defended.

China is in a good shape and Russia has established a defence-line in northern Manchuria.

July/August 1940

Weather: 8, 5, 6, 3

The allies win the initiative and move first.
Germany move some land units into southern france - may be to enter Spain.
Italy declare war against the Commonwealth (+1 USE), and initiate search rolls in the Cape St. Vicent. After three rounds of combat, the Duca D'Aosta, the Garibaldi and the Bolzano are destroyed, three CW SCS and two Italian SCS are damaged. Later the Kent is destroyed in the Western Med. A German Marine and two Italian divisions invade Malta with a +8 - the roll is a "10" and all invading units are moved to the force pools.

Japan try to ground strike a Chinese hex - the ground strike fail but the Chinese FTR is shot down.
French Indochina is activated by Japan, to be a part of the japanese empire (+2 USE).
The allies end the turn on a 1 - the ini-marker is moved to the "0".

Freeze japanese assets.

September/October 1940

Weather:7, 5, 10, 8

The allies win the initiative and decide to let the axis move first.
Bayonne is still defended by three CW units. A German +8 attack is a desaster as the rolled "8" destroy two German corps and a CW division.
Italy does it far better - in the Bay of Biscay the Hood sinks and three Italian divisons jump on Malta, defended by a flipped, out of supply white-print 7-3 INF. The odd is a +5 and the rolled 15 is strong enough to enter the Hex. Italian forces conquer British Somaliland and Sudan.
Germany conducts late in the turn a naval, sinks a CW CP but the Deutschland is damaged.

Japan attacks a Chinese hex near Chang-Sha with a +3 and lose a corps.

Oil embargo.

November/December 1940

Weather: 10, 10

The allies win the initiative and decide to let the axis move first.
Only succesfull German naval actions happen. In the Faroers Gap four and in the North Sea two CW CPs are destroyed and a CW SCS is damaged.
The Axis end the turn on a two.

US gear-up!

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January/February 1941

Weather: 11, 8, 12

CW -> RU = 1 Res, 1 BP; FR -> CW = 1 RES; CW -> CHN = 1 Oil, 1 RES; USA -> RUS = 1 Res, 1BP

The axis win the initiative and decide to let the allies move first.
The weather is very bad in this turn - therefore not much happended. The CW manage to find a small German fleet and sink the Graf Spee. Germany destroys the former polish SCS and damge a CW SCS.

Reflag merchant ships -> six more CPs for the CW.

March/April 1941

Weather: 8,2

The allies win the initiative and move first.
First CW and Germany conduct a few naval fights. The CW locate the Blücher in the North Sea and destroy the ship. Both find in the Faroers Gap, the battle is short and the Bismarck only has to abort.
After this, it went wild. Germany declare war on Russia (+1 USE), Germany and Italy declare war on the Netherlands, Lithuania and Latvia (+2 USE) and Germany align Finland and Bulgaria (+1 USE).
The German setup for this Barbarossa is very easy, all forces are concentrated in the north. Germany enter Latvia and Lithuania and attacks and destroy the poor Irkusk-Militia. Leningrad is only defended by a single unit but the ground strike fail and the odd is a +0 - Germany doesn't attack.
Russia rail the Odessa-factory to Magnitogorsk.

Japan couldn't wait any longer, there is only one oil left - a synth plant. Japan declare war against CW and NEI (+6 USE) and align Siam. In the surprise impulse a CW TRS with an Indian MOT-Corps can avoid the X and is moved to the repair pool. Two CW CPs sink, the other search rolls fail. Japan invade Malaya, Rabaul, both oil-hexes on Borneo and two hexes next to Batavia.

US pass war approbiation bill!

Pictures March/April 1941

Setup for barbarossa: Only a Heeresgrupp Nord is available

Barbarossa after 1. German impulse.

May/June 1941

Weather: 4, 1, 11

CW -> RU = 2 BP; FR -> CW = 1 RES; CW -> CHN = 1 Oil; USA -> RUS = 3 BP

The allies win the initiative despite an axis reroll.
Russia move units from the Dnjepr to the north to counter the German presence there. A Russian attack against Petsamo with +7 is not very succesfull. The "4" destroy a Russian GAR.
Germany aligns Hungary and Germany and Italy declare war against Greece.
In Russia, Germany attack Vilna and a hex near Petsamo - at the end Germany lose two Corps and a MECH-Division and Russia lose two Corps. Against Greece a German Para and a Marine invade near Athens, an Italian DIV conquer Cyprus.
The mighty greek naval force sail out and manage to sink an Italian TRS with a Marine on it - nobody is able to explain this to the Duce. A CW port-attack against La Spezia destroy three CPs, damages the minisub and a SCS. A CW strategic bombardment against the Reich destroy six! production points.
Germany later manage to flip five Russian units near Minsk and destroy a MECH-division and an INF-corps. Athens is attacked and taken without losses.

The USA declare war on Japan. US subs and some SCS destroy in the coming impulses 12!! CPs and a SCS and damage three more CPs. Japan take Batavia and move closer to Singapore. Manila is still defended by Mac Arthur and the territorial.
The axis end the turn with a "2". A partisan is setup in Siberia.

July/August 1941

Weather: 1, 7, 9, 10, 8

The axis win the initiative.
Italy and Germany declare war against the USA. Germany align Rumania and later Yugoslavia.
Germany attack two hexes, one hex supported by Guderian with hq-support. Russia want to bring in some tactical points - this doesn't work as Germany shot down the TAC and one FTR, Germany lose also one FTR. The German attack is a big success, four Russian units are destroyed and one ARM is moved to the production spiral.
Russia start slowly to move back. The first big anchor is Vitebsk. One Leningrad-factory is railed to Kazan and the Vitebsk-factory to Omsk.
In the next impulses Germany attack two hexes next to Vitebsk. One is a +9 the other a +10 - rolls are "18" and "14". Again four Russian corps are moved back to the force pools. It works quite well for Germany - a ground strike against Vitebsk is flown just by a Stuka, the intercepting Russian FTR is simply shot down. Vitebsk is taken easily, without any losses (for Germany).
As Russia want to do something, it attack Ploesti with a strategic bombing mission - there is no fighter cover. The rolled "1" show, the German defence is as good as it has to be.

US submarines attack some ships in the China Sea. Two subs are damaged but one Japanese TRS with a corps on it is destroyed. A US port strike against Tokyo damages the Hiriyu.
China attack a stack near Canton with a +5 - the "16" destroy both japanese defenders.
An allied partial pass end the turn.

September/October 1941

Weather: 7, 5, 4, 8

Allies win the initiative despite an axis reroll.
A US/CW fleet sail into the Western Med. A small naval air battle destroy one Italian NAV and abort another. Sardinia is invaded. In the eastern med the Trento is destroyed by a small CW fleet. The Sunderland operate in the Baltic Sea. Three German CPs are damaged and one is aborted. Russia rail the Kiev-factory to Omsk.
Germany attack Smolensk from one hex, supported by Guderian with HQ-support and by a para. An easy victory for the Wehrmacht - if rolls are high enough, and they are! In the Ukraine Germany has managed to establish a big Heeresgruppe SŸd - after reaching the Dnepr, the first attack across the river - south of Dnepropetrovsk - destroy two Russian corps. The Crimea is open and Sevastopol is only defended by a small Militia.
Russia rail the Dnepropetrovsk-factory to Tashkent. A CW/US attack against Cagliari remove a CW DIV from the table.
Germany finally does a combined to put new CPs into the Baltic Sea and take one more hex next to Smolensk.

The US surprise the Japanese fleet in the China Sea - one BB and a TRS are destroyed. China attack two hexes without success.
The axis end the turn with a "4".

Production this turn:
Axis: GE = 30; IT = 6; JA = 11 -> total = 47
Allies: USA = 54; CHN = 6; USSR = 17; CW = 22 -> total = 99

November/December 1941

Weather: 10, 8, 8

CW -> RU = 2 BP, 2 Res; FR -> CW = 1 RES; USA -> RU = 1 BP, 2 Res

Allies win the initiative
Russia rail the Kalinin- and Kharkov-factory to Baku and the Stalino-factory to Astrachan. The frontline in Russia follow now the Dnepr from Smolensk to Dnepropetrovsk. The CW find the Italian/German airforce in the Western Med twice with a "1" and shot down a Condor and an Italian FTR.
Germany clears a hex next to Gomel and one next to Dnepropetrovsk. Four Russian corps are eliminated.
Russia take revenge with an attack against a lonely 2-4 Hungarian CAV. The odd is a +18, the supporting German TAC is shot down and the first GBA is a 8-4 INF-corps!

A naval air battle in the China Sea destroy the Mavis and one US CVP.
Japan attack Singapore with a +4 and the 18 is far enough to enter hex - the destroyed engineer is OK (if you are at the axis-side of the table!).
The axis end the turn with a "2".

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January/February 1942

Weather: 11, 6, 10

CW -> RU = 2 Res; FR -> CW = 1 RES; CW -> RU = 2 Res, 4 BP

Allies win the initiative.
Russia rail the Tula-factory to Magnitogorsk and the Kursk-factory to Perm. CW/US move into the Italian Coast and the Western Med. Cagliari is attacked (third time) and the result is a 14 or in other words three destroyed allied units.
Italy move subs into the Cape St. Vincent, activate and lose one sub. The axis want to reinforce Sardinia but the allied fleet locates the Italian ships and destroy the TRS with an German INF-corps and the Zara. In Russia, Germany set the Russian land units on the Crimea out of supply, the supporting Russian strategic bomber is shot down and the Wehrmacht achieve a break through right in front of Krasnodar!
The next mission to reinforce Sardinia: The BV 222 fly an air transport mission with a German INF-corps to Sardinia, the air transporter is intercepted by a CW CVP and shot down!

The US destroy a SCS and a CP in the South China Sea. In the next impulse Japan move again into this sea area, is surprised by the US (rolls 2-10) and lose one BB and a TRS.
The allies end the turn with a "5".
A 3-2 partisan is set up in Greece on the ressource - the ressource is blocked forever.

March/April 1942

Weather: 5, 9, 1

Allies win the initiative.
US/CW send a big invasion-fleet into the Italaian Coast. Both sides find and a naval air battle start. At the end, one US FTR is shot down and on the axis side a Condor, one Italian NAV and a German Me 109. The invasion can start with a +10 and the roll of a "10" is enough to make it a success. In the Western Med one Italian FTR is also shot down. Cagliari is attacked - again - with a +15 and now it is an easy win. Russia rail two Moscow-factorys to Kusnezk and retreats to the Volga. Moscow/Kaliningrad in the north and Rostow in the south are the anchors of this last line before the Ural. The other frontcitys are still defended (Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Kursk, Gomel, Bryansk, Tula).
Germany attack Dnepropetrovsk and fails. Two other attacks are more successful - two corps are blitzed and two are destroyed while out of supply. Italian subs want to search for CP in the Cape St. Vincent and two of the subs are destroyed.
The allies end the turn with a "2".

Pictures March/April 1942

Sardinia and Sicily are almost conquered. Italy still controls Malta, Tunis, Lybia and one hex in front of Algiers.

May/June 1942

Weather: 7, 8, 6, 9, 10, 9

CW -> RU = 2 BP, 2 Res; FR -> CW = 1 RES; USA -> CW = 2 BP

Allies win the initiative.
The allies bring more material to sicily and shot down a Italian FTR in the Italian Coast. But, the allied focus is France now. Operation Overlord start with an invasion on Roen and in the Normandy.
The Axis manage all challenges quite well. Operation Barbarossa is still successful: Germany take Bryansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Stalino, Gomel and destroy 8 Russian corps and a division. The western front is reinforced by rail with von Bock, Rundstedt and some heavy units.
For Russia the situation is very critical - Russia is running out of good units. To strenghten the positions behind, Tula and Kharkov are evacuated. The Yaroslawl-factory is railed to Tashkent. CW and US units destroy the Paris-militia near Nantes.
In France von Bock and Rundstedt are reflipped with offensive points and the allied forces near Le Havre are attacked with a +9. The "10" destroy an Italian MECH and blitz the allied units on the spiral. In the Italian Coast the axis initiate a naval battle. The axis is surprised (rolls "2"/ "10") and the Vittorio Veneto is destroyed. In Russia, Germany take Kursk and start an attack against Kaliningrad. A Russian FTR is destroyed, Guderian provide HQ-support and von Leeb use offensive points to strengthen the attack. The odd is a +14 but the roll of a "4" destroy only the Moscow-militia and flip all attackers. Nobody nows yet but this is the turning point in the east!
The allies attack Nantes with a +10 and the "14" destroy the defending corps. Russia attacks Stalino with a +7. The "15" destroy two German corps and create a 11-5 MECH GBA. The flipped units are immediately reflipped.
Germany is still in attacking-mode in spite of what happen in the south. A hex near moscow is attacked with a +9. Yeremenko provide defensive HQ-support and the "10" destroy a German ARM-division and blitz the defender off the board.
In the south Russia attack a flipped German marine near Stalino. The unit is destroyed and the 11-6 ARM GBA is on the board. Bryansk is also attacked and the Hungarian defender (3-3 INF corps) is history.
Germany counterattack Bryansk with a +7, roll a "13" and destroy two Russian corps and a German militia.
CW naval units destroy an Italian sub and damage one CP in the Eastern Med. Russia attack a big flipped stack in front of Dnepropetrovsk with a +10. The stack is the Dora, Rommel and a 8-4 INF. A "20" is rolled and Russia is able to blitz into Dnepropetrovsk - only three flipped German planes defend the city. The planes are destroyed, the stack is blitzed on the spiral and Heeresgruppe Süd no longer exist.
The allies end the turn and the ini-marker is moved to the "0".

During a surface battle in the China Sea, Japan lose the Kongo and the Haruna is damaged. The US Navy lose one submarine. In the South China Sea JApan is again surprised (rolls "2" / "10"). The Rynjo and two CP sink and the Zuikaku is damaged. The US lose one CVP. China attacks a hex near Shanghai with +8, the rolled "16" destroys one MIL and a MECH-division.
Japan initiate a combat in the Sea of Japan and this time one US carrier is damaged.

Pictures May/June 1942

Situation after Operation Overlord. Nantes and Roen are allied controlled. German and Italian units are on the way to stop the allied forces.

More and more units arrive in east France to stop the allies and they are preparing to counterattack. The allies coulnd't bring more units to the invasion points because it is just 1942 and there are no more TRS available - yet!

Situation in Russia at the beginning of the second Axis impulse. The Russian units near Vilna come from Novgorod. Leningrad, Novgorod and Odessa are still Russian controlled. The note is from the allied player - he wants to let the Russian know, what is the real task for the Russian hordes.

Germany controls the Crimea. Some crappy Russian units try to block the Wehrmacht, not to enter the Oilfields in the Caucasus.

July/August 1942

Weather: 2, 3, 3, 2, 4, 3

CW -> RU = 2 BP, 7 Res; USA -> CW = 5 BP; CW -> CHN = 1 Res

The axis win the initiative - this is a long time ago.
Germany start to counterattack the allied invasion in France. With offensive points on Rundstedt the stack with Montgomery is attacked. Monty is flipped and the odd is a +13. But the "8" only blitz the allied units without losses on the spiral. In Russia, Germany start to retreat with the remaining units. The allies strategic bombard Hamburg and destroy with a "10" two production points. Now the next invasion is performed - this time the target is Bremen. The defence is not very strong, the odd is a +13 and the "16" is far enough to enter the hex. Russia take Kharkov with a +20 and the 9-4 GBA INF is on the board.
The attack against Nantes destroy one allied unit and a German ENG and a Yugoslavian INF. On the way to the west, Germany evacuate Bryansk, Kursk and Tula.
All hexes of the Nord-Ostsee-Canal are now allied controlled and US paras, supported by units near Nantes, parachute east of Paris and land automatically. Russia destroy Antonescu on the Crimea. The CW attack Rundstedt with a +8, the "6" is not enough. An invasion on Bari instead is a success and Hamburg is also taken. The German fleet has to rebase, is intercepted and the Bismarck, the Gneisenau and the Canberra sink. Russia attack and take two hexes near Dnepropetrovsk and Smolensk. Ploesti is strategic bombed, two times. First the "3" is not really a problem for Germany, the "10" instead destroys one plant and three oilpoints for this turn. Smolensk is only defended by a lonely GAR and the 10:1 is an easy win. Germany collapse Vichy.

Japan is again surprised in the China Sea (rolls "2" / "8") and lose four aircrafts, one AMPH and a carrier. China attack Canton with a +9 - Yamamoto, one MIL, one FTR and a TRS are out of supply and face down in the city - the odd is a +9 but the "6" only destroy one defender and two attackers. China attack Nanking with a +3 the dice show a "17" and the city is liberated. Japan attack an out of supply Chinese GAR near Peking and destroy it.
The allies end the turn on a 5.


Pictures July/August 1942

There are three allied invasion spots in Frane/Germany - Nantes, Hamburg/Bremen, Roen.

Vichy is collapsed and the CW opens a new landing zone behind the axis forces in front of Nantes.

In China/Asia the situation for Japan is very bad. The US navy is operating from Manila - there is no perimeter. In China the Japanes forces are trying there best to stop the yellow hordes.

September/October 1942

Weather: 4, 8, 7

The axis win the initiative - again.
Germany still retreat in the east and attacks in France. Roen and a hex near St. Malo are retaken - one German ENG is lost.
The western allies do a naval-land-action. The Glorious operates in the Baltic Sea and destroys one CP. Strategic bombing missions against Berlin - flown day and night - only destroy one oilpoint. The operation is called "Kolbefresser". Clark, supported by US paras invade south France. Russia take Vitebsk, attack a forest hex south of Vitebsk and Petsamo. Only Vitebsk is taken and Russia lose four corps in total.
Germany attack Hamburg in rain with two paras. One is pushed aside, the odd is a +7 but the "11" only destroy one defender. The other German para is also destroyed.

China finally take Canton and destroy Yamamoto and a MIL. In the China Sea the next naval battle happen. The US lose a single CVP, Japan two FTR, one AMPH and one TRS is damaged.

A partisan appear in France.

Pictures September/October 1942

Germanys retreat end at the Dniester and in eastpoland - for now.

Southchina is nearly completely liberated.

November/December 1942

Weather: 3, 3, 7

The axis win the initiative - again.
In the east Germany withdraw into the Carpathian Mountains and behind the Vistula. In the west Germany attack Lübeck with a +4, the rolled "15" destroys a German MECH and blitz two US units on the spiral. In France Germany withdraw behind the Seine.
Russia attack Petsamo and fail again. The CW invade Antwerp and take it. CW/US units conduct a blitz-attack near Hannover with a +9, roll a "13" and achieve a breakthrough into Hannover.
Italy activates the Italian Coast and damage the Birmingham. Germany reshuffles his position - this time no attacks.
The allies take a ressource hex near Hannover - the ressource is directly used in the Hamburg-factory to produce allied production points. North of Bremen a hex is blitzed with a +6 and the "15" move the defenders on the spiral. This time the allies initiate the Italian Coast and at the end, the Littorio sink and the Guilio Cesare is damaged.

China attack Shanghai with a +8, the "4" only destroys a yellow counter. One mountain hex near Tai-Yuan is attacked and the out of supply defender is destroyed. Hanoi is attacked with a +5 and the rolled "14" is enough to destroy both defenders. In the China Sea two US subs sink and the North Carolina is damaged. Japan lose three CP.
The allies end the turn with a "3".

Production this turn:
Axis: GE = 27; IT = 6; JA = 8 -> total = 41
Allies: USA = 65; CHN = 6; USSR = 27; CW = 29 -> total = 127

Pictures November/December 1942

The Allies control the north of Germany and withdraw behind the Seine. Antwerp is allied controlled.

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January/February 1943

Weather: 8, 10

CW -> RU = 6 Res; USA -> CW = 5 BP; FR -> CW = 1 Res

The allies win the initiative.
CW units set Brussels out of supply. Four MTN-units cancel the winter, the odd is a +3 and the rolled "17" means an easy! victory. Russia attack in the north and in the center - without a result.
The Wehrmacht attack Hannover with a +8, roll a "14", lose one division and retake the city. The US take Metz. Germany retreat behind the Rhine and control west of the Rhine only Vichy with one GAR and Roen with the Amsterdam-MIL. Russia take Kaunas and - finally - Petsamo.

A big naval battle came up in the China Sea. At the end the US lose two NAV, one FTR and two CVP. Japan lose an AMPH, a BB, the Siamese SCS, one NAV and a CP.
China attack Shanghai - again. The "11" with a +4 only destroy a Chinese unit.
Japan manage to flip an out of supply Russian CAV in Manchuria with a "1" and destroy the CAV.

March/April 1943

Weather: 4, 3

The axis win the initiative with an reroll.
The Andrea Doria is destroyed in the Italian Coast. Germany retreat in the west to a new frontline. The line follow the Rhine from Switzerland, along the Ruhrgebiet and Berlin to Stettin.
Russia take Danzig and Königsberg. With SKI-divisions Russia manage to attack the forest hex behind Danzig. The odd is a +9 - with HQ-support from Zhukov - and the rolled "16" crush the German defence in northern Poland.
The allies end the turn with a "3".

Pictures March/April 1943

The Reich is getting smaller and smaller. Copenhagen is still axis controlled.

May/June 1943

Weather: 3, 7, 4, 6

Allies win the first roll for initiative. The axis demand a reroll, both roll a "9" but the inimarker is at +1 allies -> allies move first.
Russia use the initiative to exploit the open terrain and push forward to the outskirts of Stettin and Breslau. Warsaw, defended by von Leeb and an INF, is attacked with a +12. The supporting bomber is shot down and the "12" destroy both defender.
Germany retreat south. The frontline is now along the Rhine, the Ruhrgebiet, Berlin, Breslau, the Carpathian Mountains and the Dniester.
The western allies occupy the Ruhrgebiet and Stettin. A hex south of Stettin is attacked and the achieved breakthrough give the allies the first hex on Berlin. Russia attack a hex near Warsaw with a +13, supported by Zhukov with HQ-support. The "5" only retreat the defender and flip half of the attacker. The Russian and CW/US units meet another araound Stettin.
Germany ground strike the Russian spearhead near Warsaw and flip all three counters. Ilalian units attack Algiers, defended just ba a MOT-division, with a +3 and the "17" destroys the defender.
Russia reflip the spearhead and attack a forest hex in south Poland but only achieve a retreat and the attacker are turned face down. The western allies attack Hannover with a +6 but the "6" destroys only one attacker - this time the supporting para-corps. US units attack Saarbrücken with a +12 and the "13" bring the US into the city.
Germany retreat to the south and the east. New anchors are Frankfurt and Leipzig. Berlin is only defended by a single 4-1 GAR, Breslau and Hannover only by a division.
The US reflip Eisenhower, destroy the out of supply 12-5 SS ARM next to Berlin and take BERLIN! and Hannover. With offensive points on Clark, Rome is attacked with a +15. The roll is snake-eyes and the city is still Italian. Russia take Breslau and fail with two other attacks.
Germanys new frontline is along the Rhine, Stuttgart, Dresden, the Riesengebirge and the Carpathian Mountains.
US paras jump on Munich. In the air combat Germany and the US lose one FTR each. The attack is a +6 and the "19" is a great victory. Leipzig, Karlsruhe and Amsterdam are also attacked. Leipzig fail but Karlsruhe and Amsterdam work fine - rolls are 11, 20, 14. Russia destroy three Axis corps and retreats the defenders out of Krakau.
No it is time for Wenck. Walter Wencks Army group is immediately send to Munich. The attack is a +8 and the "17" destroys all US-paras and liberate the city from the evil american hordes!

The US navy find the CP that give supply to China and Manchuria but the allies couldn't use this advantage - yet.
Japan flip an out of supply Russian INF with a "1" - it is a one-factor-bomber - and the +16 is an easy win.
China attack a hex near Tien-Tsin with a +8 - the "3" is not very successful.
The next battle in the Sea of Japan. Both find and the Mikuma and the Salt Lake City sink.
The axis end the turn with a partial pass.

Production this turn:
Axis: GE = 17; IT = 3; JA = 13 -> total = 33
Allies: USA = 75; CHN = 9; USSR = 36; CW = 30; FR = 5 -> total = 155

Pictures May/June 1943

In Taly Germany establish a front along the Alps and the Po. US and Russian forces stand together at the Oder.

Russia took Lodz and Warsaw and try to fight a way through the German Army to reach Bucharest, Prague, Budapest and Vienna.

The western allies took the Ruhrgebiet and the north of Germany. Berlin is about to fall.

Germany retreat south. Berlin, Hannover, Magdeburg are doomed.

The attack against Rome fail - but it is only a matter of time.

The worker in Shanghai is a Japanese. The rest of the Japanese Empire looks quite sad.

July/August 1943

Weather: 10, 3, 1, 5, 3

The allies win the initiative.
The CW and US do a naval-land-action and flip several German units including von Bock. Rome is attacked with a +20 and an easy victory. The first units are moved from europe to the pacific. Russia destroys Mannerheim next to Helsinki.
Italy retake Taranto with a 3-1 GAR - the hex was evacuated by the allies. The Rudel-Stuka try to ground strike for the first time and is shot down by a Russian FTR with a "20".
Russia attack Chisinau with a +3, roll a "20" and enter the city. The Dniester is finally crossed. Helsinki is attacked with a +4 and the "17" destroy both defender.
Germany flip two Russian ARM near Krakau and retreat from the Dniester.
Russia play offensive points on Vatutin and attack Rommel near Bucharest with a +9 but the "8" only retreat the defender. The other Russian attacks also fail. The US/CW are now in front of Munich, Nuremberg and Dresden. Later Rommel is blitzed on the production spiral.

China take Shanghai. The defender was out of supply - no CP in the China Sea - and flipped.
The US sink the Takao and damage the Akagi in the China Sea. Opearation Olymp is accomplished. Osaka and Nagoya are successful taken and three flipped Japanese planes are overrun.
The axis end the turn with a full pass.

Pictures May/June 1943

In Taly Germany establish a front along the Alps and the Po. US and Russian forces stand together at the Oder.

Russia took Lodz and Warsaw and try to fight a way through the German Army to reach Bucharest, Prague and Budapest.

September/October 1943

Weather: 3, 7

This is the final turn. The allies need only one more hex for the automatic victory: Tokyo!

The axis win the initiative, despite an allied reroll. Germany withdraws deeper into the Carpathian Mountains. Bucharest is only defended by a single corps and Ploesti is free. Russia take Ploesti and Bucharest.
The US and CW do a naval-land-action and ground strike all hexes in Germany and several in the Russian front. One attack between Nuremberg and Dresden is a +9 and the 17 destroy the defender. These are the last casualties on the european map.
In the Japanese Coast Japan is again surprised. The Soryu and the Yamamoto sink. The last battleships of the Empire are the Ise and the Kumano - which are based face down in Tokyo. The last naval battle occur in the Sea of Japan. The US lose one sub and another one is damaged - Japan lose no ship but one TRS and a SCS is damaged. The US ground strike Tokyo successful and use offensive points on Mac Arthur to get a +19. The result is the automic victory for the allies.

Pictures September/October 1943

US units invaded Japan - Nagaoya and Osaka are occupied. Here you see the rest of the Japans navy.

It is done - Tokyo is captured. The game is over.

The overall situation in Asia after the fall of Tokyo. China is almost liberated. Japan still control Truk, Kwajalein, NEI, Malaya, Siam, Manchuria and Korea.

Situation in Europe. Germany and Italy are nearly completely conquered (in counting hexes). Only Hungary, Austria, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia are axis controlled.

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