EuroWiFCon 2011


Gamereport Table 3

Copied out of an email:

In the first half of the game I lost a lot of units and almost my fighting spirit. :-(

9 or 10 Axis planes were shot down in abysmal airfights over the first year of the war. Ouch.

We as Axis were up to a Marocco-Gibraltar-strategy, but never actually took it. Established an early beachhead around Oran and twice made it deep into the Atlas mountains, but never through to the coast, also due to the fact that we could not consolidate our push early on for we failed to clear our backyard in Algier fast due to never hitting groundstrikes - 9 attempts on a three in a row.

In France a big setback occured when they killed my armour spearhead which was only possible due to an unwarrented combination of Rain and two successful British groundstrikes on the black print German ARM hitting both on a 2 after clearing fightercover unescorted.

As if that were not enough, my anyway not to ambitious Mini-Barbarossa (you discussed Barbarella already) continued the punishment, bounced off Chisinau twice with heavy losses on rolls of 6 and 4, hitting the famous 14 as well. The Russians in contrast turned a full stack in the Baltics with their 4 ART and attacked rolling a 16.

I usually am not the guy to complain about bad luck. In such too often encountered claims there mostly is a lot of one-sided selected consciousness. But I really have never witnessed such a long strike row.

That was it for our attacks. I settled in the east on the short defensive line between Koenigsberg and Odessa early and bounced off the Russians repeatedly.

And we fortified France and Italy as long as the Americans were focussed on Japan.

By 1943 the Western Allies grew ever more frustrated, for they found no easy chance. Haehaehae. That finally was the fun part for me, that in the end the fortress Europe approach seemed to work.

I had to leave one day early at the start of Nov 1943 in decent shape. some people from an already finished table stepped in, and I heard that they played into spring 1944. By then the Allies had only taken Sardinia and invaded hitherto neutral Greece.

Somewhere the must have picked up the idea that Greece is the soft spot of Europe. :-)

Best Regards