EuroWiFCon 2011


Gamereport Table 4

Germany crushes Poland losing men when assaulting Lodz. Yugoslavia instead is easly taken. The brits send corps to help the French and tried to port attack Kiel but no way. Italy is quite, probably his leader prefers to look at beautiful girls (as all the italian leaders do). The japanese love hard life and press the chinese attacking whenever possible.

The new year opens with the Germans DOWing Netherlands and Belgium. The french enters the country to support and is heavly attacked. It's a slow advance, but in September the french army has to fall back. And same fate for the chinese armies. The italian leader Berlusc... i mean, Mussolini, decides to enter in the war against... Greece, but the british support the minor sending peacekeepers boys in Athens. The german enters France but fail to arrive to Paris; winter turns the war in a re-edition of the last one, with trench system, even because the british send a huge BEF.

Finally the germans make another major offensive and take Paris; the french show their love for the japanese way of life and launch many kamikaze attacks. The germans hold, France is Vichyed and the british flees, but they will kill more german troops. The empire of Japan DOWs the empire of United Kingdom, and attacks whereever he may in South Asia and the Pacific: he kills a transport with a corps on board and take Singapore. The indian ocean see many battles where the british have an hard life losing cruisers. Burma is conquered soon and the japanese arrive at the gates of India. Italy DOW France, take Tunisia, Algeria and land in Syria. The Iraqi joins the axis side and the italians receive a precious gift from Bagdad: oil to sail la Regia Marina. Stalin thinks this is enough: war to Italy! The russian men must wear their militia uniform. Defence Russia (and hide the women) from the italians! At the 5th try, finally Athens falls and the british peacekeepers eat spaghetti in the italian camps for POWs. The Usa said that it's enough and DOW the european axis MPs, so even UK DOW Italy, where the italians had a strange war where they fight the french but not the british. So, the italians march from Etiopia to Kartoum. Everything is quite in the rest of Europe.

Who said that the italian are the masters of snorkeling? The british are. Minisub enters La Spezia sinking an AMPH and damaging the italian carrier. Germans and italian airforces combined get the revenge sweeping out the allied fleet in the easten meditenerranean: 1 american carrier and 1 battleship plus many cruisers are sunk, the british must leave the sea. Germany DOWs Russia, kills some units on the front but then leave Russia at staies at the border. The russian do an attack, is then counterattacked: heavy losses from both sides, but then all the front is quiet; nobody attack. Germany reinforces Syria, the Luftwaffe and the Regia Aereonautica hit very hard: 5 british carriers are sunk! It's a struggle for the Home Fleet. The british trys to attack in Amman but fails to take the city. Heavy reinforcement is coming, the americans paradrop in Oran.

Usa DOW Japan and attack everywhere in the Pacific. Heavy fights almost everywhere, many cruisers are sunk, the japanese are out of supply. They arrive at the gates of Calcutta, but the americans press. A surface and an air naval battles see many ships sunked from both sides, but the japanese get more losses, and have to leave the sea. The giant is awaked in all his power: Manila heavy garrisoned, Saigon first and Saipan later are taken, Singapore sieged, fighters everywhere in the sky. No bullets and rice for the emperor's boys in Burma, the imperial ships are runnig out of gas and places to hide. But in Europe things are not going so nice for the allies; despite of the fall of Tripoli and Libia, Italy is an hard nut to crack. Even before arrived on the shores of the penisula, gli Sparvieri attaccano! Many american ships are damaged or forced to retrat but it's a very huge unstoppable fleet, ready for the invasion of Sardegna. Again, british minisub attack! The italian carrier is finally sunk. Well, at least the italians have (still) their natural carrier: l'Italia. The russian launch a major offensive and pass the Neman. New russian corpes are promoted to be red guards, but while they was cherring with vodka, the panzers wake them to reality: go behind the river, Ivan. The japanese convoys try to bring supply but are totally sunk almost everywehere in the Pacific, so the japanese fleet try to react: in a long battle in the Bismarck sea, the nippon pilots go for the Tenno, a kamikaze attack that sinks a big american carrier. On the other side of the planet, the FDR's guys debark in Sardinia. First step in Europe for the liberators. The game ends in July-August with the last smart moves: the japanese debark Guam, the american take Bangkok and the germans do the Sealion with the paratroops! Of course a useless move just for fun, but it successed.