EuroWiFCon 2013


Gamereport Table 1

Achim (RU), Markus G. (JA), Christophe (GE), Josef (CW), Tobias (US)

After a standard beginning and less-than-average attack rolls in Cina, the Axis decided to try a single attack on Gibraltar from sea and then do a Barbarossa.
Unfortunately for the game balance the +4 assault succeeded and Spain joined the Axis. From that point on the Allies never managed to seriously set a foot on european mainland while Germany did a 42 "Barbumbrella" (less than average weather as might be assumed hence the name) and Japan as usual secured its parameter with the help of 40+ land-based AC.

The outcome was a decisive axis victory.

Gamereport Table 2

Arlid (RU), Markus Sch. (GE), Thomas B. (CW), Carsten J. (JA+IT), Torsten W. (US)

France was vichied in M/J 40 after the conquest of Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium. A somewhat early US-enty (the US player denying the Russians virtually everything, not even eastern Poland was claimed) resulted in a gear-up J/A 40 and an early total war (S/O 41). After Yugoslavia was aligned, Germany did a higly successful Barabarossa 41 but all dreams of supremacy in the east were ended by a "zero" turnend-roll in J/A 41 (0+successful partial pass). After that the russian army was sitting mostly intact in the Causasus and on the asian map but returning to the european theatre after seeing german core troops (HQs and ARMs) railing to the western front. Successful western allied invasions in Italy and western Europe relieved Russia of Germany´s attentions.
The war in the pacific did not go well for Japan. After failing to achieve noteable results against China the highly needed ressources were taken from Russia. An unsuccessful adventure in India and the early US-entry put Japan under significiant pressure.

When the game ended in summer 43 Japan was defending the Phillipines. The game ended with an inconclusive draw; due to the slow progress the outcome was open.

Gamereport Table 3

Dominik (RU), Klaus (CW), Stefan St. (US), Vincent (JA), Nicolas (GE)

Unusually lucky german die rolls (concerning both attack and weather rolls) resulted in an utter russian defeat and Turkey fighting on the Axis side despite all the best CW efforts to get some attention by various invasions. ("Der Winter der ein Sommer war" - the winter that was a summer- was a famous movie but it could be the subtitle for table 3). A very weak US-entry contributed to the allied annihilation (gear up as late as early 42, a possibility with the volatile US chits).
Some urged Stefan to cheat a little to keep the game interesting. He did the right thing tough, as the game will be quickly forgotten but a bad feeling for having cheated would last :-)

The Axis were proclaimed EWC-Winners.

Gamereport Table 4

Rüdiger (GE), Marc (CW), Gerry (RU), Oystein (US), Michael S.(JA)

No game report yet. It seems it was a good WiF-game with the allies receiving some beating unil the tide turned after 42, but like all other tables at this year´s EWC they failed to play through summer 44, making it difficult to judge the outcome.

Gamereport Table 5

Rune (RU), Geir (CW) Harry (US), Holger (GE), Friedrich (JA)

It seemed to me, there was a lot of allied friction and the Axis seemed to have the advantage. After Stalin´s refusal to rail troops from Siberia to Europe (after all he had a non-agression pact with Adolf didn´t he) the germans again betrayed towaresh Stalin and pushed deep into Russia, eventually threatening the (railed) factories and resources in Siberia.

Gamereport Table 6

Dave (RU),Eric (US),Karsten (GE), Michael P. (JA), Björn (CW)

After an unspectacular beginning, Germany attacked Spain and Russia consequently DOWed Japan. The CW put up quite a fight for Spain, delaying the german advance but was unable to ultimately defend Gibraltar.
Japan was under some pressure but managed to keep the US at bay after retreating back to the inner perimeter until 1944. Russia and Germany came to war but neither managed to gain the advantage. Germany being unable to deploy enough units to this theater due to massive wallied pressure.

Unfortunately the speed at all tables was rather slow this year;
1945 was never reached, so like many other tables the possible outcome was difficult to tell.

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