EuroCon 2024


Hello all,
here are some information for the 28th EuroCon in 2024.

1. Who:
anybody including newbies or pros willing to spend a week of their life playing WiF.

2. When:
We have made fixed reservations for the hall for
Friday October 11th till Sunday October 20th 2024.

3. Where:
Playing Hall: Schuetzenhalle Hofgeismar (same as last year).

4. How much (Con):
Hall/Tourney: around 150 EUR for the whole week, depend on number of players.
Included is a joint sponsored dinner including some beer on (the second) saturday.

5. How much (Sleeping):
Hotel Altes Brauhaus Details can be asked via e-mail.

6. Whom to
Contact -
Tel.: +49 1725627487

7. How:
Fill out the registration form on this homepage. There is no registration fee. You will receive notice within 2 weeks after your registration form arrived. Priority is speed of play, skills and deluxe or classic. Most players will want to play the 39 deluxe campaign. About 4 weeks before the con start you`ll get a list of the players on your table, so you can agree on exact starting time, who brings a game, detailed optional rules and so on. Notice that there is always the possibility of a last minute change players on your table.

8. Rules:
Certain optional rules are mandatory and you will be required to "bid" for MP and Victory hexes (You can of course agree with the other players on your table as to who plays what...).

9. Emergency contact in October when in Germany:
Cell phone Markus Scheffer: +49 1725627487
The guy with the key: Markus Graf +49 1737406151

10. Directions:
By Train:
go to, choose service in English.
von (from): for example flughafen terminal 1, frankfurt am main
nach (to): hofgeismar bahnhof
You`ll get a list with times and cost (1 person without special offers)

Note that the pricing system of Deutsche Bahn is complicated. Contact me for infos on discounts. In general, it is cheaper to buy your ticket at least 4 days ahead. It is possible to pay with your credit card and print the ticket.

By Air:
Frankfurt or Duesseldorf, then by train to Hofgeismar. I will try to arrange carpools.

By Car:
The front door of the hotel is not accessible by car. Free car parking is available at “Georgenstrasse”; it is roughly a 15-seconds walk from there to the hotel´s back entrance.

11. Miscellaneous:
The hall capacity is max. 10 playing tables, usually matched at 5 players a table. Some tables might end up with 4 or 6 players.
If you want to play as a team, we will match you up provided there is another team of equal strength for the opposite side. Teams willing to play the Allies are difficult to match.
At the joint dinner on saturday, we will award the prizes.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,
regards Markus.

Registration form 2024

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EMail at which I can be reached:

Telephone at which I can be reached:


Single room
Double room

By car
By train
By plane

Your experience level:

Your prefered speed of play:
Decent speed, I want to finish but not at all cost
Fast, I take mistakes into account
i’d Like to play using a chess clock

I will arrive on (name of the day):

It is strongly recommended to stay at least until Saturday.
In case you need to leave earlier please enter the date (name of the day):

Do you come with a team:

What game do you prefer:
WiF Classic
AiF or PatiF or ME or CCC